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How to Reset Linksys Cisco Adaptor

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How to Reset Linksys Cisco Adaptor
<header class="article-header"> <h1>Reset Linksys Adaptor</h1> <div class="article-info"> <div class="article-avatar"><img src="" alt="Avatar" /></div> <div class="article-meta"> <strong class="article-author">Globalink Help Center</strong> &nbsp; <div class="article-updated meta"> <span class="Apple-style-span"><strong class="heading">Linksys PAP2T Setup and Configuration</strong></span> &nbsp; </div> </div> </div> </header> <div class="article-body markdown"> <strong>STEP 1 </strong>Please  check to see what IP address was given to your device by your router. Please pick up the phone attached to line one or two on your PAP2T and dial: <strong>                         **** (four asterisks)</strong> then dial:     <strong>110 #</strong> The system will announce the IP address of your device (for an example <strong>( You  can  reset the device to manufacturer default settings  if your device was previously used. Please dial **** then 73738 1 to confirm. Please ensure you do not have an admin password enabled.) </strong> <strong>STEP 2 </strong>Please open your internet browser on your computer  which is connected to your network and enter the address you heard in Step 1:<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> <strong>                for an example  <span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></strong> <strong>STEP 3 </strong>Please click on the "Admin Login" button near the top right side of the screen.  Then click on the "Line 1"  or "Line 2" depending on which line you are configuring ( your phone is connected to). <strong>STEP 4 </strong>Please only change the following settings:- <ul> <li><strong>Proxy</strong>:<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span><strong>Please refer to Globalink Support email for details. </strong></li> <li><strong>Display Name</strong>: Enter your name to be displayed in the caller id.</li> <li><strong>User ID</strong>: Globalink Porta Billing Account number (can be an actual phone number or the 999 virtual number)<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> Please enter did or phone number beginning with country code for an example 17864729610</li> <li><strong>Password</strong>: Enter the voip password  found in the Porta Billing VoIP Switch account or given by support.</li> </ul> <strong>STEP 5 </strong>Select G711u for codec if you have enough bandwidth as the call quality will be better for US calls ONLY. Select G729a for both US and International calls. <strong>STEP 6<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> </strong>Please click on the "Save Settings " button at the bottom of the screen. <span class="Apple-style-span"><strong>STEP 7 </strong></span>Please always dial country code and number to make calls. No international access codes are necessary. If you get "not in tariff message", please update your tariff file (rates) with the country code you are dialing. Your tariff file can be found under tariffs under your Globalink Private Label VoIP Reseller Control Panel. If you get "account number is invalid", please check if you entered the correct sip server, account number and password.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> <a href="">Globalink Tech Support</a> </div>

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