Please click here for Globalink Cloud Recording APPS

Calls can be recorded using our Globalink Conferencing Service or Hosted Pbx service.

The hosted pbx call recording can be used by call centers or businesses that need to monitor quality control by recording all calls.

Calls are recorded server side in our Globalink Secure Cloud and will be available in the Globalink Control Panel.

Globalink Conferencing Recording is available to moderators only.

  1. Conference call recording can be started by pressing “**” on the Moderator touch-tone keypad during the conference call.
  2. The recording will stop automatically when the conference call is finished.

Downloading the Recording

  1. To download a recording, open Account self-care and click the ‘Conferences’ tab
  2. Click the Recordings icon next to the room that you need to start downloading.
  3. Digital recording is available for download in MP3 format for 14 days following the conference.

‘**’: This feature allows Moderator to start recording the conference. Recording
will stop automatically when the conference call is ended.