GlobaLink TECH Support

Globalink Control Panel with Language Support

Our interface supports several languages and customers can login and manage all their services from within a web browser.

Depending on your level of access, different services will be available to you. You may see the link to automatically order and provision international Globalink Phone numbers.

You can setup your voice mail, forward calls, review call history etc.

For an example, you can use the “Charge Credit Card When Billing Period Is Closed” option in Globalink VoIP Switch to automatically charge a customer balance. 

This feature can be turned on under the Customer User Interface tab.

In order to charge customer’s credit card you can set up automated periodic payments under the “Periodic Payments” tab of the customer account.

Please select the payments frequency such as monthly or weekly etc.

Please specify a fixed amount to be paid, or click the “Pay Balance” icon to pay the current balance with the specified period.

You may also use the “Balance Driven” frequency to trigger a payment when the balance is higher than the specified threshold.

Please note that your bank merchant processor must support recurring or periodic payments in order for this feature to function properly.