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Globalink WebMeeting using WebRTC

Globalink WebMeeting

Globalink WebMeetingWith our Globalink WebMeeting, you can call directly to another user without installing any software.

Using Peer-to-Peer WebRTC technology, you can communicate directly with each other, from browser to browser.

If both users are registered directly on our Globalink Network, the call is FREE!

RTC in WebRTC stands for Real-Time Communications.

WebRTC enables audio or video streaming and data sharing between compatible browser clients or peers.

Browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Chrome have the ability to share data and teleconference peer to peer, without the need to install any third-party software.

Users can connect directly using Globalink Voice Over IP (VoIP) session from right within our Web Control Panel.

Service included with any Globalink Web Control Panel.

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