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PortaBilling Globalink Balance Definition

In Porta Billing, balance is not transferable from your Globalink Funds (your monies with us) to your customers or vice versa.

We simply bill you for usage.

You then create your own customers and setup their own balances.

You do not have to pay for all the pins or accounts you create up front.

You can create as many customers as you wish and create as many balances as you need.

This helps your cash flow as you pay as you go.

Globalink Funds are never transferred to your customer’s balance when you create an account or customer.

As your customers use our service, funds will be deducted from your Globalink monies.

The online customer balance (Globalink Porta Billing web control panel), is based on what you are billing your customer (tariff or rate sheet you have created).

The balances can be manually or automatically posted by Porta Billing depending on your setup.

It is not related to your reseller balance with Globalink.

Your reseller balance is what you have paid us.

Your customers balances can be adjusted by you as you wish.

It is not transferable to your Globalink Funds.

Please kindly read
page 142 about how to use balance tab.

For more details about our hosted Porta Billing Software As A Service (SaaS), please visit Porta Billing.