Create Accounts

1. Go to the Customers screen.

2. Next to the customer name, click on the icon (the one in the Accounts column), which will take you to the account management for that customer.

3. Now click on Add.

4. Fill in the Add account form:

  • Account ID :  Identification of the account (value to be sent in the User-Name attribute). For an account which represents a remote gateway, this is normally an IP address.
  • Product  : Choose the product which you would like your accounts to use.
  • Blocked :  Check this if you want to create the account as initially blocked.
  • Opening Balance  :  The initial balance on the card. For credit accounts, the opening balance is normally zero.

Account Info

  • Type  :  Account type; select Credit.
  • Credit Limit  :  Maximum allowed credit.
  • Service Password  :  Password for authentication/authorization.
  • Batch  :  A batch is a management unit for accounts. The batch name is alphanumeric. You can type a new name here, or use the existing name in order to generate more accounts for the same batch.

Life Cycle

  • Activation Date :  Account activation date.
  • Expiration Date  :  Please leave this field blank if you are setting up postpaid service.
  • Life Time  :  If you are setting up a postpaid service, please leave this field blank.

User Interface

  • Login :  The login name this account will use to access the self- care pages. This can be the same as the account ID, or a different one may be chosen for increased security. This field is mandatory.
  • Password  : Password for the self-care pages (not for device or user agent)
  • Time Zone  :  When an account owner accesses the web self-care pages to see a list of his calls, the time will be shown in the time zone most appropriate for him.
  • Web Interface Language :   The language to be used on the customer self-care web interface.

5. Click Save & Close :  Confirmation screen will indicate that the account has been created.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed.