Destination Account  9991001 and 9991002

To setup this service please follow these steps below :-.

1) On the main account 9991000 under the ‘Service Features’, set the ‘Default Answering Mode’ to ‘Voicemail only’ and Check ‘UM Enabled’.

2) To setup Auto Attendant please click on the ‘Manage UM Account’ link.

On the ‘UM Preferences’ page, please select ‘Auto Attendant’ mode.

You will need to hover over the graphics on the top left of the page to find the ‘UM Preferences link’.

For this example we will setup 2 call queues ‘Sales’ and ‘Support’.

Please note you should create an account for each queue, for an example 9991001 for Sales and 9991002 for Support.

3) Click to open ‘Call Queues’ page and click on the ‘Add’ button and define call queue parameters

for an example  “Queue Name”: Sales,

“Destination”: 9991001,

“Max. Connected Calls”: This value depends on a number of operators

“Call Duration, sec”: this value should be equal to average duration of a call.

The system will announce estimated time for callers waiting in the queue for next available operator.

Please repeat  Step 3 for the second call queue called ‘Support’.

4) Please go to the ‘Root’ menu on the ‘Auto Attendant’ page.
Next to event ‘1’ please set Action ‘Queue “Sales”‘.

Next to event ‘2’ please set Action ‘Queue “Support”‘.

5) On the account ‘9991001’ please set Forward Mode to ‘Follow- me’ and ‘Default Answering Mode’ to ‘Forward only’.

Under the ‘Follow Me’ tab, please specify a list of accounts or numbers of operators.

Please repeat  Step 5 for the second call queue ‘Support’ (account 9991002).

Thank You.

Globalink Managed Tech Support Services