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Local Number Porting (LNP)

Once the number port date or FOC is confirmed, you will receive an updated ticket via

Your Globalink Control Panel Billing Account will be debited the appropriate port fee as per the support ticket when order is initiated.

All port order fees are non-refundable unless rejection or cancellation occurs within 24 hours of request date.

You will need to the following information to initiate the port:

Number to port: This is the Toll Free or Local DID you wish to port to Globalink Inc.

Type of port: This is either toll free or local depending on which type of number you want to port to us.

Partial port: If you have more then 1 number with your current carrier, but are not porting all, choose yes. This will avoid cancellation of other services at their current carrier.

Current Carrier: The carrier or your provider that currently has this telephone number.

Account Number: Your account number with your current provider.

Statement Name: The Company or Individual name that appears on the billing statement showing who owns this number.

Authorized Contact: The person listed on the bill as the authorized contact or owner.

Contact Title: How the Authorized Contact is affiliated with the telephone number.

Address: The address listed on this account as it appears on your statement.

Billing Telephone Number: The number listed as the billing contact telephone number on your statement for the number you want to port.

Contact Telephone Number: A number where we can contact the current owner of the number you want to port. Any communication would be brief and discreet.

Number Information 
Number to Port:
Partial (YES/NO):
Type Local/ Toll Free :

Current Service Provider Information 
Service Provider Name:
Service Provider Address:

Customer Service Record at Current Carrier:
Account Number: 
End User name on Statement:
Authorized Contact:
Contact Title Employee/Owner: 
Service Address:
PO Boxes are not accepted.
Service City:
Service State: 
Service Zip Code:
Billing Address:
Billing Telephone Number : 
Contact Telephone Number : 

Thank You.
Globalink Service