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You may need to track income associated with people with whom you
have a business relationship.

These representatives may sometimes be employees, while in other cases they are dealers,
business partners, or may be independent contractors.

PLEASE NOTE: Representatives do not participate in billing or revenue sharing.

They are listed for information purposes only, as required when
PortaBilling is integrated into backoffice Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
for calculating commissions and so forth.

Each sales representative is assigned initials.

Their names and initials appear on sales forms, allowing you to associate specific sales reps with
specific sales in order to track their income.

Distributor is a new feature in Porta Billing that allows you to create distributors under your own reseller control panel.

The distributor can then log into the voip softswitch and manage the accounts you have assigned to them.

You can assign products to a distributor that the defines the commission he or she will make.

When distributor manages the accounts and applies payments that is received, the system will automatically calculate the commission for the distributor.

This allows you to quickly expand your sales force.

Please refer to Porta Billing Web Reference for more details at Globalink PortaBilling VoIP Switch User Manuals PDFs