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What is Porta Billing VoIP Switch?

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What is Porta Billing VoIP Switch?
Porta VoIP Switch provides a comprehensive <strong>VoIP Customer Billing Software</strong> via a web browser. <ul> <li>Porta Billing handles all aspects of VoIP services.</li> <li>Everything from Call Detail Records (CDR) to billing and managing customers can be done via Porta Billing.</li> <li>Greater flexibility in deployment, maintenance and record keeping.</li> <li>Billing and Radius software all built-in.</li> <li>Customers can login and manage their accounts.</li> <li>Features the <strong>ip conference bridge, teleconferencing via <a href="">WebRTC</a> and hosted pbx </strong>calling functionalities that subscribers now expect, including call forwarding, call processing, visual mail, voicemail, auto-attendant, find-me, call routing, call queues, follow-me, <a href="">mobile apps</a> and so on.</li> <li>These services can be delivered via converged IP access for small-to-medium sized businesses.</li> <li>Reduced costs for  Moving, Adding New Service or Changes.</li> <li>Single converged voice and data network at each location.</li> <li>Hunt Groups and variable-length abbreviated dialing at each location.</li> <li>Consolidated long distance with Unified Messaging from all locations.</li> <li><a href="">FREE on-network calls for multi office or multi tenants whether on campus, across town or across the globe.</a></li> <li>Provides dial tone as well as personal and group calling features.</li> <li>Greater flexibility in deployment and maintenance.</li> <li>Superior functionality over traditional PBX.</li> <li>Services can be rolled out to specific departments or sites, or across multiple sites to replace and/or complement existing equipment. IP PBX features web-configurable service management and eliminates the drawbacks common to most hardware-based solutions.</li> </ul> Please visit <a title="Link:" href=""><u><span style="color: #0066cc;"></span></u></a> and <a href=""><u><span style="color: #0066cc;"> </span></u></a>for an overview.

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