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What is Globalink VoIP?

 VoIP or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol  in simple terms is routing voice calls over the internet or data connection. Our service can run on any internet connection such as DSL, WiFi, cable modem and of course high speed services like T1  and fiber circuits used by businesses.

Just as you are used to sending emails over the internet, now you can talk over the same internet with your friends, family and business partners.

Voice and video can be transmitted over the same internet to another person’s phone, cell or mobile phone, voip equipment or computer or even a browser connection such as WebRTC.

WebRTC connections do not require any software to be installed.

Globalink customers can use the service anywhere in the world  via the Internet and make high quality calls using any SIP Internet Telephony hardware, broadband VoIP adaptor, IP phone or softphone or Mobile App 

We offer on-line account administration, low international calling rates, US and International Phone Numbers and sophisticated hosted voip pbx features without all the extra fees and charges.

You can continue to use our service just like you did with your traditional land line phone except now it is Voice-Over The Internet!

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